Laura Needs Answers

You’re late.

Look, I get it. Trust me. No one is more on a need to know basis than you, Laura. There are close to 40 million people in my industry (live events) out of work, with no end in sight and not a penny of financial support coming in from anywhere. No one wants to hire us because no one understands what we do (despite being extremely over-qualified in many cases) because our sole job is to be unseen and unheard, making all of that magic ready for you to absorb at that Kenny G show you have tickets to, Laura.

But someone tremendously smart…a stable genius if you will, someone who probably knows more about viruses than anyone, has assured us that one day you’ll wake up, in America, and it’ll just be gone.


I wish I had thought of this. Setting an exact date that things would go back to normal. Thanks, Laura, for writing what everyone was thinking but understands is logistically impossible to answer, so keeps it to themselves.

Tell me about some of the ridiculous statements you have heard regarding nailing down an exact date when Covid will end.