Small Victories

It’s amazing how 6 moths away from your normal hustle and bustle can truly knock you off your groove. I used to work 18-20 hour days and freaking LOVE it, because I love my work. Often times, juggling 18 projects at once gave me absolute power and confidence. These days, I’d rather sit through 95 … Continue reading Small Victories


Just Light It, Linda

For reals…. Now obviously I am not endorsing: Lighting cats, or any other animal on fire. Wokking your cat or any other animals Self Harm to depressed humans of depressed animals. I am also not insinuating: That your name is Linda That all cats talk That this particular cat has given up on life and … Continue reading Just Light It, Linda

Laura Needs Answers

Look, I get it. Trust me. No one is more on a need to know basis than you, Laura. There are close to 40 million people in my industry (live events) out of work, with no end in sight and not a penny of financial support coming in from anywhere. No one wants to hire … Continue reading Laura Needs Answers

Netflix during Covid

Right, so since I have basically had next to nothing to do with live events on hold, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. Who am I kidding? I’ve been watching ALL of Netflix. Now, I’m not generally one for these kinds of reality shows, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get completely hooked … Continue reading Netflix during Covid

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