Small Victories

It’s not rocket surgery.

It’s amazing how 6 moths away from your normal hustle and bustle can truly knock you off your groove.

I used to work 18-20 hour days and freaking LOVE it, because I love my work. Often times, juggling 18 projects at once gave me absolute power and confidence.

These days, I’d rather sit through 95 previews of Netflix suggestions on what I should watch rather than lean up 6 inches to get the remote to actually choose something.


I’ve become insanely lazy.


I’ve been staring at the same coffee cup on my desk for 9 days now.


Even writing about it now, feels like it takes less effort than actually reaching forward to grasp it, getting up, walking to the sink and washing it.

What’s worse, is that every day, I make a new cup (ok 6 cups) of coffee. This means back and forth between my desk and the kitchen, where the sink and coffee machine are. Things that I am walking to anyway, to accumulate more dirty dishes, yet that one coffee cup (I’m looking right at it) is still on the desk.

The best part is, after all of the effort involved in telling you this story, I will now post this, take the ONE dirty coffee cup I’ve been using today back to the kitchen for a refill, and leave that other coffee cup sitting there. Then I’ll sit down, cursing at myself for forgetting to grab the 9 day old coffee cup, and think, “fuck it… can’t be bothered.”

Could it also now be to prove a point and be stubborn after making a massive deal out of this to you?


More likely? #cuzcovid

When incisively, ridiculous, inexcusable lazy habits have you gotten in #cuzcovid?


Just Light It, Linda

For reals….

Now obviously I am not endorsing:

  • Lighting cats, or any other animal on fire.
  • Wokking your cat or any other animals
  • Self Harm to depressed humans of depressed animals.

I am also not insinuating:

  • That your name is Linda
  • That all cats talk
  • That this particular cat has given up on life and isn’t, in fact, trying to make light of the desperate feelings we all may get from time to time by being cute and sarcastic.

Some days are definitely harder than others to get motivated to do literally anything. Sometimes, I want to “if I fits, I sits” into a wok and tell Linda to light ‘er up.

But I won’t go and wok myself. And I won’t give up, despite feeling completely defeated most of the time.

Just because my life’s work has been stopped for who knows how long, and after 25 years of building my company, the first year I was actually going to be able to pay myself a salary, everything got cancelled #cuzcovid, doesn’t mean I am going to wok myself. And you certainly shouldn’t go wok yourself, either.

But speaking of wokking yourself… Has anyone used this downtime to master any cooking skills? Start a cooking blog? Write a cook book? Boil water for the first time? Master the art of toast? Eat an “apple”?

Here’s your chance to go plug yourself instead.

Laura Needs Answers

You’re late.

Look, I get it. Trust me. No one is more on a need to know basis than you, Laura. There are close to 40 million people in my industry (live events) out of work, with no end in sight and not a penny of financial support coming in from anywhere. No one wants to hire us because no one understands what we do (despite being extremely over-qualified in many cases) because our sole job is to be unseen and unheard, making all of that magic ready for you to absorb at that Kenny G show you have tickets to, Laura.

But someone tremendously smart…a stable genius if you will, someone who probably knows more about viruses than anyone, has assured us that one day you’ll wake up, in America, and it’ll just be gone.


I wish I had thought of this. Setting an exact date that things would go back to normal. Thanks, Laura, for writing what everyone was thinking but understands is logistically impossible to answer, so keeps it to themselves.

Tell me about some of the ridiculous statements you have heard regarding nailing down an exact date when Covid will end.

Netflix during Covid


Right, so since I have basically had next to nothing to do with live events on hold, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.

Who am I kidding? I’ve been watching ALL of Netflix.

Now, I’m not generally one for these kinds of reality shows, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get completely hooked on “Selling Sunset” and “Below Deck”. These are horrible shows with horrible people (although “Selling Sunset” far outranks “Below Deck” when it comes to just plain awful human specimens). And I’m not gonna lie..I love them and I hate myself a little bit for it. I even looked into how to become a real estate agent, but it got too hard and I took a nap.

I find myself literally, yelling at these drama loving bitches through the TV, like they can hear me and we’re about to go into full on slapping cat-fight mode. No one else is here. It’s just me. And I am yelling at the TV, as I open another pint of Ben & Jerry’s Netflix and Chill’d, which is a thing and my version of crack, like a lunatic.

But surely I’m not the only one? What is your crack combo these days #cuzcovid?