Small Victories

It’s not rocket surgery.

It’s amazing how 6 moths away from your normal hustle and bustle can truly knock you off your groove.

I used to work 18-20 hour days and freaking LOVE it, because I love my work. Often times, juggling 18 projects at once gave me absolute power and confidence.

These days, I’d rather sit through 95 previews of Netflix suggestions on what I should watch rather than lean up 6 inches to get the remote to actually choose something.


I’ve become insanely lazy.


I’ve been staring at the same coffee cup on my desk for 9 days now.


Even writing about it now, feels like it takes less effort than actually reaching forward to grasp it, getting up, walking to the sink and washing it.

What’s worse, is that every day, I make a new cup (ok 6 cups) of coffee. This means back and forth between my desk and the kitchen, where the sink and coffee machine are. Things that I am walking to anyway, to accumulate more dirty dishes, yet that one coffee cup (I’m looking right at it) is still on the desk.

The best part is, after all of the effort involved in telling you this story, I will now post this, take the ONE dirty coffee cup I’ve been using today back to the kitchen for a refill, and leave that other coffee cup sitting there. Then I’ll sit down, cursing at myself for forgetting to grab the 9 day old coffee cup, and think, “fuck it… can’t be bothered.”

Could it also now be to prove a point and be stubborn after making a massive deal out of this to you?


More likely? #cuzcovid

When incisively, ridiculous, inexcusable lazy habits have you gotten in #cuzcovid?


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