Just Light It, Linda

For reals….

Now obviously I am not endorsing:

  • Lighting cats, or any other animal on fire.
  • Wokking your cat or any other animals
  • Self Harm to depressed humans of depressed animals.

I am also not insinuating:

  • That your name is Linda
  • That all cats talk
  • That this particular cat has given up on life and isn’t, in fact, trying to make light of the desperate feelings we all may get from time to time by being cute and sarcastic.

Some days are definitely harder than others to get motivated to do literally anything. Sometimes, I want to “if I fits, I sits” into a wok and tell Linda to light ‘er up.

But I won’t go and wok myself. And I won’t give up, despite feeling completely defeated most of the time.

Just because my life’s work has been stopped for who knows how long, and after 25 years of building my company, the first year I was actually going to be able to pay myself a salary, everything got cancelled #cuzcovid, doesn’t mean I am going to wok myself. And you certainly shouldn’t go wok yourself, either.

But speaking of wokking yourself… Has anyone used this downtime to master any cooking skills? Start a cooking blog? Write a cook book? Boil water for the first time? Master the art of toast? Eat an “apple”?

Here’s your chance to go plug yourself instead.


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